Cajun-bred, Chicago-based

My name is Parker Pierre Guidry (pronounced "GIHD-ree"). Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, I moved to Chicago in 2010 to pursue a career in acting. In 2014, I graduated from Roosevelt University's Chicago College of Performing Arts with a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre.

I have a passion for storytelling with a purpose. The best way to open people's minds and hearts is to show them how a real and relatable human being, full of strengths and flaws, exists in the world around them.

Recently, LGBT- and queer-centric art have been the peak of my interests and the bulk of my career. Seeing how far we as a country have come towards achieving equality - as well as how far we have to go - has solidified my mission as a queer, non-binary actor to create and support art that seeks inclusivity across all spectrums.

Other interests? I pride myself on my fashion sense and enjoy sharing my looks online. I have a pretty bold style; dressing my best helps me to feel my best. I also heavily subscribe to the fandoms of Beyoncé, Harry Potter, and RuPaul's Drag Race.

Feel free to contact me for any questions you may have. I have a very active online presence, so be sure to follow me on social media!