If/Then (2020)

"Parker Guidry was the top player in the production; they were refreshingly genuine and believable as Lucas (who, bonus, is a bisexual man with character depth that actually goes beyond his sexuality)." - Chicago Reader

"Parker Guidry's Lucas, Elizabeth's charming old best pal and former flame, will woo any audience."

- Newcity Stage

"Lucas (played with a straightforward, huggable charm by Parker Guidry), is bisexual; in one timeline, he starts a relationship with a man, and in the other, he is in love with a woman. This is portrayed with a refreshing mix of indifference and respect; both relationships are treated the same as any other." - Rescripted

"And as best friend Lucas, friendly Parker Guidry overflows with humor and kindness." - Chicagoland Musical Theatre

"Parker Guidry is compelling as the sometimes sweet, sometimes troubled Lucas." - Splash Magazines

"As Lucas, the always effervescent Parker Guidry brings depth and dazzle to yet another role." - Chicago Theatre Review

Head Over Heels (2019)

"The entire ensemble delivers, with Guidry’s sinuous Pythio proving to be a sophisticated guiding force for the fools that these mortals be." - Chicago Tribune

"Pythio (played by the sublime Parker Guidry) — has other ideas." - Chicago Sun-Times

"But the true breakout star of this production is Parker Guidry in the ethereal role of Pythio. A non-binary actor themself, Guidry absolutely glories in making the most of this non-binary character. With savvy understanding and their signature uninhibited humor, Guidry sparkles every single time they take to the stage. Endowed with a fine singing voice, great dance ability and a talent for bringing hilarity to the most subtle situations, Parker Guidry is a luminous performer who, as shown by this performance, can do just about anything." - Chicago Theatre and Concert Reviews

"But it has been foretold that Parker Guidry walks away with the show, and they sure do command every scene they’re in. Proving a powerhouse Pythio, with hypnotically serpentine movement, avian mystique and viper-like execution of language, the endlessly charismatic performer makes it easy to see why a character becomes “mad about them” by the show’s heartfelt finale." - Chicagoland Musical Theatre

"But it is Parker Guidry, vibrantly and outrageously costumed by Uriel Gomez, who steals the show. Guidry, who identifies as nonbinary themself, plays the flamboyantly nonbinary Pythio with relish, looming over everything that happens in the role of Fate." - Chicago Onstage

"A new oracle of Delphi, a self-dentified "nonbinary plural" and "Vision of Nowness" named Pythio (the exquisite and enchanting Parker Guidry whose star has been steadily rising since 2015's TRIASSIC PARQ)." - Broadway World Chicago

"However, no one is more ethereal and scene-stealing than the non-binary Pythio, played by Parker Guidry, who kills it in breathtaking outfits, stunning vocals and choreography to boot as the all-knowing prophet." - Chicago Theatre Triathlon

"Serving as puppet-master to this grand story is the indomitable Parker Guidry...they are the core of the tale, holding the fates of the kingdom in their hands, and holding notes until the audience erupts in applause." - Rescripted

"Guidry is absolutely stunning." - The Fourth Walsh

"Parker Guidry as Pythio owns the room with the smallest gesture of their hand." - Theatre By Numbers

"Parker Guidry absolutely slays as the mysterious and extraordinarily fabulous Pythio." - Splash Magazine

"I also really loved the character of Pythio... The role was performed beautifully with great personality and technique." - Ada Grey Reviews for You

"The self-identified nonbinary plural Oracle, Pythio (Parker Guidry), steal[s] the show with their vocal talents and humorous styles, as well as their exploration and discovery of sexual and gender fluidity." - Third Coast Review

"The whole cast is winning, but I’d give special commendation to Guidry" - Store Front Rebellion

"The story has some very cute scenes, in particular, all of those in which Parker Guidry is onstage. Guidry’s Oracle/Pythio truly shows off their talents." - Around the Town Chicago

"The most enjoyable performances come from... Guidry as a fabulously androgynous Pythio." - Hyde Park Herald

Grand Hotel (2018)

"Parker Guidry is heartbreaking as Erik, an overworked bellhop, whose young wife is in labor with their first child." - Chicago Theatre and Concert Reviews

"Soloists also shine -- Parker Guidry as a bellhop too poor to take a day off while his son is born...gives an especially strong vocal performance." - Picture This Post

"Guidry is ebullient as the new father." - Chicago Onstage

Triassic Parq (2017)

"An emotional powerhouse." - Broadway World Chicago

"I didn't know I could become so emotionally invested in a velociraptor." - Splash Magazines

"Lithe and Winsome...Guidry's range is impressive." - Picture This Post

"Like a primal leading player...Guidry moves and sings easily, bringing the audience into the setting and story with ease." - Chicago Theatre Review

Young Frankenstein (2016)

"Parker Guidry as “Igor” is a standout, having all the right comedic moves and antics that will keep you in hysterics." - Urban Matter

"Parker Guidry is hilarious and unstoppable as Igor." - Chicago Theatre Review

"Guidry really stole our hearts...and displayed fantastic comedic timing and amazing physicality." - Third Coast Review

RENT (2016)

"Parker Guidry stands out with his hauntingly beautiful solo in "Will I?" Anyone who has ever experienced being with someone as they are facing death will recognize and react to Guidry's performance. Guidry manages to capture the fear of dying an undignified death alone. The song may very well bring you to tears." - Broadway World Chicago

Triassic Parq (2015)

"Parker Guidry oozes Prince-caliber sex appeal as the Velociraptor of Innocence, the story’s young protagonist." - Chicago Reader

"Guidry's hope song ("Get Out") is a showstopper with Guidry showing both vulnerability and tenacity while managing to hit some 'Defying Gravity' notes." - Broadway World Chicago

Kiss of the Spider Woman (2015)


"As Molina, Guidry gets to shine." - Windy City Times

"Parker Guidry was fantastic...his Molina was among the best I’ve seen through the years!" - Chicago Critic